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CAL/VAL System for Satellite Data and Products

This portal is designed to provide remote users access to the results of inter-calibration of target equipment and validation of information products of Russian hydrometeorological satellites.

In section, called "Inter-calibration" provides information on the on-board calibration monitoring and post-launch calibration (inter-calibration) products for basic instruments of both polar - orbiting Meteor-M satellites and geostationary Electro-L satellites. This applies to:

  • VIS/NEAR-IR channels of  MSU-MR/ Meteor-M N2, N2-2;
  • IR channels of MSU-MR/ Meteor-M N2, N2-2;
  • Infrared Fourier Spectrometer-2 (IKFS-2)/ Meteor-M N2;
  • Microwave Imaging/ Sounding Radiometer (MTVZA-GY)/ Meteor-M N2-2;
  • Onboard Radar Complex (BRLK)/future Meteor-M satellites;
  • VIS channels of MSU-GS/ Electro-L N2, N3;
  • IR channels of MSU-GS/ Electro-L N2, N3.

"Archive" is the section that contains files of Meteor-M and Electro-L basic instrument measurements collected for several pre-selected test polygons. The global Level 1C IKFS-2 data can be found on this section. These data can be utilized for inter-calibration of IR-channels (imaging instruments).

The section "Validation" contains the validation results for the sample of products derived from measurements of Meteor-M and Electro-L imaging/sounding instruments listed above. The validation is being performed for the following products:

  • cloud cover and precipitation parameters;
  • sea surface temperature;
  • vertical profiles of atmospheric temperature and humidity;
  • wind vectors (AMVs-Atmospheric Motion Vectors);
  • sea level wind;
  • total ozone in the atmosphere;
  • total content of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere;
  • snow cover parameters;
  • boundaries of the Arctic sea ice cover distribution.

The validation results are generated through of satellite-based products comparison (on-line or off-line) with independent "reference" data.